binary options People and many experts refer to dyslexia as a “learning difficulty” or a “learning disability”. Something that needs to be fixed or solved. Something that means you must be stupid, slow, lazy, don’t fit in!

Well, dyslexia is not that at all. It is a gift! It is a learning difference – not a learning disability. It allows you to see different possibilities, think outside the box. Not so good for school (where you must conform) but great in life, where problems and challenges do not often come in “box” form!

We have started this website as a positive tool for dyslexic children and their parents to see what dyslexics can achieve. Click on any of the above headings under the word Categories, to read up on famous people with dyslexia to see what they have accomplished in their lives and therefore what you can too!

They are leaders in business, science, architecture, acting, the arts, have invented things from the airplane to the light bulb to NERF toys, are gold medalists at the Olympics to Hall of Famers in numerous sports and some of the most widely published authors. There is nothing a dyslexic person hasn’t done or achieved and hence there is nothing that YOU cannot do!

Reading through a lot of these short biographies, you will find that a lot of them had something in common. They had someone who believed in them. So, if you are a parent, teacher, relative or just a friend of a dyslexic person, believe in them! They get enough negative comments, sarcasm, name calling etc. from others to damage their fragile self esteem. Love them just the way they are. Build them up, and watch them grow into what they are capable of.

If we can get these dyslexic children through their formative years with their self esteem still intact, the sky is the limit…(or for Sir Richard Branson [famous dyslexic businessman] – space is the limit).

We hope this website helps.

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